Tafeaga Gounder

Inclusive Learning Assistant

  1. Family photo: My family is everything to me and my children mean the world to me. My responsibility is to look after my family and making sure they get the necessities of life and I know through hard work everything is possible.
  2. Teachers: I have been a teacher in Samoa for many years . Teaching is my passion. My goal is to help students achieve their goals and have that intrinsic motivation to succeed in life. I work as a team helping other teachers to achieve success in all students.
  3. Puletasi & Flower: Traditional wear for Samoan women. I love wearing this with a matching flower during a ava ceremony to welcome new people in the family or village.
  4. Siapo or tapa: Siapo is very beautiful made by the women using a plant called u’a. It’s a long process where the sun is used to dry it for many days also. It is used to decorate houses during weddings and funerals as well.
  5. Ula fala or Necklace: Men wear this during bestowing of a matai title or chiefly title to a young man or old, or when they get married. It comes with great responsibilities such as looking after the family and providing for the family.