Unique Learning Opportunities


Te Haututu references a mischievous, curious and playful wind – you know the one.  The wind that lifts up the plastic bag and swirls it around, exploring its environment.  At Te Uho o te Nikau Primary School, this name – gifted to us by our Board Chair Mr. Rikki Solomon – captures the experiential learning we want our children to have.

At Te Uho o te Nikau Primary School, learning through play is active, messy and hands-on. Learning involves fun, interest, choice and variety. What we teach and learn with learners is student driven, purposeful and contextual. Through this we aim to grow passionate, creative and curious explorers. If our tamariki love what they are learning, they will do more and learn more.

What are the types of play – Te Haututu – you will see at Te Uho o te Nikau Primary School?

Artistic play
  • Students creating their own version of something
  • Free choice painting, drawing, clay, Playdough, stencil
  • Cleaning & tidying up after self; using different types of equipment
Controlled imaginary play
  • Acting out a situation e.g. explorers, astronauts, medical situation, mechanic, builders, engineers, architects,shop keeper
  • Taking turns and negotiating roles
Exploratory play
  • Finding ways to use different types of equipment
  • Solving a problem posed
  • Talking about their learning, explaining what they are doing
Games play
  • Sports games or collaborative games
  • Listening actively and working together
  • Following instructions and working collaboratively
Integrated play
  • Wondering and exploring a given topic through play, e.g. floating and sinking
  • Using resources to find out new answers
  • Sharing ideas with others
Play Involving the Whole School Environment and beyond
  • Working in the mud Kitchen
  • Exploring the sandpit
  • Using the natural world
  • Safety around playground or with bikes and scooters
Replication play
  • Read a story and children act it out
  • Restaurant situation, shop keepers, hotel receptionist, doctors, nurses, vets
  • Inviting others to play & organising the different characters
Role play
  • Fairy tales, dress ups, legends
  • Puppets, shared books
  • Social role play connected to Te Uho Beat
Small World play
  • Farm animals – design shelters and enclosures to protect the animals.
  • Understanding animal habitats.
  • Model villages, dolls houses, train set, building roads, cars, trucks
Virtual play
  • Using apps for games
  • Character/story animation
  • Minecraft
  • Cubetto
  • Digital safety and citizenship