Unique Learning Opportunities


Providing students with opportunities to show leadership at school is a way of enhancing a student’s sense of belonging and connectedness.  These opportunities also support students to develop social competencies and live our school values.

We offer a variety of student leadership opportunities to our Year 5 & 6 learners:

Manu Taki These students lead our bi-termly Mihi Whakatau for all new learners and their whānau.
Kaiawhina Library and Office support, trained as school librarians and general assist in Te Wharau Nikau.
Travelwise & Road Patrol Developing our road safety plans and running morning and afternoon road patrol.
Token Monitors Token monitors will collect and count tokens which have been dropped into our school tokens collectors in Te Wharau Nikau.
PE Shed Kaitiaki These monitors distribute and collect the sports and sand pit equipment during Merienda and Wan.
Staffroom Monitors This team takes care of the dishwasher duties and the Bokashi Bins.
Huihui/IT Set up and running of all Mihi Whakatau, Huihui, Waiata Friday’s and any special assemblies.
Wet Day Monitors These learners actively supervise students’ in the kainga when the weather keeps us indoors. They encourage students to follow our school values and build upon tuakana-teina with our younger learners.
Kura Kaitiaki This is open to all interested learners. These student leaders are the driving force behind our waste minimisation programmes and work on beautifying our school environment.
Student Leaders 2021