We have a Te Uho o te Nikau Home Learning or Distance Learning timetable/schedule to support our parents with their child’s learning.  We understand that each home is different and what may work for some children, may not work for others.  This schedule is designed to provide a daily structure, should that be needed.

Other tips for home learning:

  1. Ensure you are able to log into HERO.  Many community notices and Zoom notifications are shared through HERO.
  2. If another adult is going to be looking after your child/ren, bookmark the learning hub of your child’s kainga.
  3. Set up an area for home learning, e.g. a table or quiet space where your children will be attending “school” or can work uninterrupted.
  4. Have materials available for your children, e.g. their work books sent from school, pencil case, felts, crayons, counters, etc.  
  5. Talk to your children about how “school” is going to work at home.  Our kaiako will also speak to each kāinga to support this message in their morning Zoom sessions.
  6. Log into HERO in the morning to access the slideshow of learning for the day OR go directly to the kainga learning hub.
  7. Work on getting your children up early for school like a normal day – it may help to keep them in a routine.
  8. Check the school Facebook page for other updates and support.
  9. Use your kainga learning hub Play Journal to post work.  Alternatively you are also able to email your whānau teacher with photos of work done or cool things that your child has created.  
  10. We would love to post this work on our Facebook page to show that the tamariki at Te Uho o te Nikau Primary School love to learn and we love to celebrate that.
  11. If all else fails, take a breath and relax.  There is much learning to be found in everyday life during a pandemic, e.g. cooking, playing a board game, watching a movie together, exercising, drawing a picture.  Please remember your family’s health and wellbeing come first.

Other Online Programmes

Here are a few sites our kaiako recommend if your children are looking for something else to explore!



Physical Movement