Unique Learning Opportunities


At Te Uho o te Nikau Primary School, we recognize the importance of valuing student input and the benefits that come with it, especially as it pertains to school culture. Our learners are inherently the most important people entering our school each day and we want to empower them and give them opportunities to drive decision making in their school.

“Mai kana” is the name our Principal Mel chose to describe when she meets students to get their feedback.  Mel is from the village of Kulukulu in Fiji and if you walk through her village, you will often hear calls of “Mai Kana” ringing out.  It means “Come and eat”.  When we eat, we talk or “talanoa” and share our thoughts, ideas and feelings.  What better time to share than when we are eating and enjoying food together?

When Mel or other members of Tumu Whakarae meet with children, we do this during Kai Hauora – eating lunch together and gathering student thoughts, ideas and feelings.  It is a great way to collect student voices when you want honest feedback and great new ideas from the children themselves.

Mai Kana image