Sumriti Nayyar


  1. Where I am from – Chandigarh, which is a planned city in India and well known for its cleanliness, diverse culture, languages, and traditions. My favorite cultural attire is phulkari and jutti which I like to wear on special occasions.
  2. Traveling: Life is all about the adventures which you take and the memories you make. I am like a free bird who loves to travel around the world. I have already been to China, Macau, Dubai, Australia, Singapore. Next destination would be Europe……………..
  3. Art and painting: For me, painting is not only an art, but It also takes me to my own fantasy world where I love experimenting with colors.
  4. Foodie: Some people like cooking whereas I like eating.  I love trying different cuisine and my favorite ones are Thai and Italian.
  5. Family: My family is everything to me, having somewhere to go is my home, having someone to love is my family. Blessed with the best!