Sheetal Singh


  1. Fijian Tapa: connection to my country of birth, Fiji – beautiful islands inhabited by friendly people with warm smiles and inviting waves.
  2. Purse: contains everything of importance to me including my driver’s license and my bank cards. The most valuable item in my purse is a photo of my two girls, which makes my heart beat every time I open it.
  3. Korowai: connection to my adopted country, New Zealand. I now consider New Zealand my home and I am happy to promote its beautiful lifestyle and environment to the learners I teach.
  4. Lippan Art: My ancestry begins in India, and I celebrate my tradition with art inspired by my ancestors. Indian art is beautiful, vibrant and full of colors, and creating Indian art makes me happy.
  5. Car key: Being a mother, I prefer large cars for safety. We enjoy road trips and car karaoke!