Shahzina Alit


  1. My heartbeat is my Fur-baby Mingkoom
    This is one of the many names we have for her. She means the world to us. She is a cat in a dress and living her best princess life.
  2. Shopping
    For anything cute or pretty colours! My husband hates taking me shopping, haha! I don’t blame him because if I see anything cute or with pretty colours, that means “it is a Zina must have thing.” Especially bears, my close family and friends call me Zina Bear.
  3. I’m a star fan girl
    TV show/ actor/ singers – F.r.i.e.n.d.s is my favourite TV show. This is not just a TV show – it is my happy place. I watch it throughout the year and restart once I finish all seasons.
    Karan Aujla is my favourite singer and Kartik Aryan is my favourite actor.
  4. Make-up
    I have a very dangerous virus that never leaves my system no matter what I try, and it’s called MAKE-UP FEVER! I have a room as my walk-in closet and make-up parlour. One of my favourite makeup brands is Hudabeauty and I almost have all her eyeshadow palettes & lipsticks.
  5. Food
    I am a big foodie! I love to explore new and exotic food. My favourites are Thai, Afghani, Pakistani, Italian, Korean, Mexican, and Indo-Fijian Chinese.