Sara Altimimi


  1. Iraq: I cherish the opportunity to travel to Iraq, my homeland, as it allows me to reconnect with my roots, immerse myself in the rich culture and history and create cherished moments with family members.
  2. Gym: I enjoy the gym because it provides me with a dedicated space to focus on my physical well-being, offering a challenging yet rewarding environment to push my limits and achieve personal fitness goals.
  3. Traveling with family: Exploring new destinations with my family brings me joy as it allows us to create lasting memories together, share unique experiences, and strengthen our bonds through shared adventures.
  4. Cars: I love cars for their captivating designs, blending aesthetic appeal with engineering innovation, making each one a unique work of art.
  5. Phone: My phone – connecting me to the world, storing memories, and empowering me with information and tools for productivity and entertainment. It’s not just a gadget; it’s an essential part of my daily life.