Sapna Sharma


  1. Maa Durga: Born, brought up and married into a culturally rich family, I am the believer and devotee of Maa Durga as it symbolizes the victory of good over evil and spiritually generates enormous positive energy to view the beautiful creations of the world.
  2. Earrings: A beautiful card with a  pair of wooden earrings gifted by my son on Mother’s day. He crafted them himself using laser cut method, expressing his love and gratitude towards his parents. “I Love My Family”!!
  3. Word Search Puzzle: My favourite leisure time activity that keeps me awake, alert and fresh. It not only updates my vocabulary and word building skills but also motivates my passion as a teacher.
  4. Art Work: Using basic equipment such as colour pens, markers and a paper scenery on a plain white ceramic tile and a plain wooden polished board to create attractive and long lasting designs.
  5. Bags and Clutches: I am fond of bags and clutches of varied shapes, enchanting colours and variable sizes –  different for different instances.