Narinder Bedi


  1. Mool Mantra: I was born in to a Sikh family, and this Mantra encompasses my beliefs. “There is only one god. He is the creator. He is without fear. He is without hate. He is immortal, without form”
  2. Family: My family is hugely important to me. I have a loving husband and two children who provide my with the strength and love to face each day with a smile.
  3. Travelling: I love to go out for scenic drives and walks. It is very enjoyable and peaceful. New Zealand is a beautiful country, and I want to explore as much of it as I can.
  4. Cooking: Cooking is my passion, everything from baking to oriental dishes. I love to provide for my family, and cooking is one of the main ways for this. Plus, it is a form of relaxation for me.
  5. Cross-stitching: This activity is my creative outlet. I love to create things and show myself what I am creatively capable of. It also keeps my motor skills up to scratch, and focuses my mind, which is also therapeutic. This cross-stitch design is of four unique designs that I resonate with, each capturing something different about me.