Manjula Bhattacharya


  1. Family: I find love, care and support from my family. Although we have different personalities, we still complement each other perfectly.
  2. Art: Raised in the heart of Kolkata, located in the eastern part of India, I carry with me the vivid artistry of our traditions. Looking back at the sari and bangle, I see a legacy of craftsmanship passed down through generations. The sari and bangle are more than adornments – they are art of my city.
  3. Connection: Tea has a unique connection as it is part of my daily life. I have my favourites, Assam and Darjeeling tea. A cup of tea always puts a spring in my step, whether at home or at work.
  4. Music: This gramophone gives me a sense of nostalgia. It was in our house during my growing up years. We had few records and would get very excited when the record would rotate on the gramophone. I don’t remember where it came from originally, later my mother passed it on to me.
  5. Travel: Some of my most cherished memories are from my travels. I love the adventure and excitement that comes with planning a trip with my family. Each new place I visit, opens up my mind and creates experiences to remember for a lifetime.