Jane Zhang


  1. Getting a Taste of Home: Check out the cool traditional Chinese clothes! I was born in the enchanting city of Changchun, renowned as the “hometown of snow,”.
  2. Teacher Life: This pencil case screams “TEACHER” loud and proud, just like me after eleven years in the game. Still loving every minute of it!
  3. Always Learning Something New: Been digging into this Speech Language Therapy book lately. I have a deep-seated passion for acquiring new knowledge, and I’m all about picking up new tricks to help kids with their language skills.
  4. Bringing Back Memories: Take a look at these UK fridge magnets! They remind me of my time studying in Southampton. Good times and lots of memories from across the pond.
  5. Proud Mom Moment: My daughter’s painting right here! She’s eight and already a little artist. Makes my heart swell with pride every time I look at it.