Atipriya Shingari


  1. Family
    The most important people in my life. I know they have got my back no matter what the situation is. No materialistic things can replace the love of the family.
  2. Arty Atipriya
    I am an artistic person. I am inspired by this quote by Danny Kaye – “Life is a Great Big Canvas; Throw All The Paint On It You Can”. A simple reminder to be yourself – drawing, colouring, using different mediums, and painting. I firmly believe that when I invest in a work of art, I am investing in a visual story that will decorate the walls of my sweet home.
  3. Scented candles and Lavender
    I enjoy some “Me Time” by lighting scented candles and putting soft music on. I like going in my backyard and smelling the lavender – amidst all the chaos, this brings serenity to my heart.
  4. Indoor plants
    I like propagating and buying various types of indoor plants. I believe plants are the sign of love and life and that is why I have got so many.
  5. Journal Writing
    It is an easier way to implement mindfulness as it helps me to turn my attention inward. I am fond of doing Freewriting as it allows my thoughts to flow naturally onto the page, fostering self-expression and creativity.