Ellen Mountcastle


  1. Rainbow Sheep Pin: Not only is this one of the many pins I wear on my favourite denim jacket, but it’s my favourite as it shows two important things – my pride to be a kiwi and my pride to be genuinely me.
  2. LEGO Box: My and my partner both have a love of LEGO so we had these boxes made to keep our engagement rings in. We proposed with them and everything!
  3. Ukulele: If the performing arts specialist did not have an instrument as one of their items, I personally would be slightly worried. This ukulele is just one of the instruments I can play and enjoy singing waiata with the children using this very instrument.
  4. Travel Items: Before such a strange time, I had the travel bug. These are just some mementos from some of my favourite destinations I’ve travelled to.
  5. Wooden Spoon: When I am not in the classroom, you can most likely find me in the kitchen. Cooking and baking is something I love to do as it reminds me of my family. My family mean the world to me and recreating some of their favourite recipes brings me great joy.