Akira Kwan


  1. Movies: Some of my favourite shows. My favourite genres are mystery, comedy, fantasy. Here is a mystery for you, what are my favourite colour(s)?
  2. Gaming Consoles: I love playing games, especially the story orientated ones because I get to experience different perspectives and open up to new ideas. I am quite “techie” so this also represents my love for devices & gadgets.
  3. Wing Necklaces: Since childhood, I always liked the idea of how a number of protagonists [TV shows & games] had their own unique necklace/symbol that represents them. That led me to search for my own and I gathered these pieces from different countries I have traveled to: America, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong & Aotearoa.
  4. Pixel Art & Origami: ‘Pixel Art Crafting’ & ‘Origami Making’ are new skills I recently learned and it’s been fun teaching kids. I also enjoy making and crafting gifts because it is more personalised and I get to show the receiver my thoughts and effort into creating their gift.
  5. Trading Cards: I am a collector for a number of things and my interest started from collecting trading cards when I was a child. I also play a number of board games & card games as it is thrilling to learn new tactics and strategies to solve a challenge.